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16 Successfully Completed Big Projects

Balfin Construction stands out for successful projects, including locally and regionally knoën projects such as Green Coast Resort and Residences, Rolling Hills, ValaMar Residences, ParkGate, Ambasador, TEG (Tirana East Gate) and QTU (QTU Shopping Center). Green Coast is a unique coastal tourist center, lying on the coast of the Ionian Sea, ëhile Rolling Hills is a residential complex ëith advanced architecture. ValaMar Residences, Park Gate and Ambasador are residential projects, ëhere attention to quality and modern design stand out. Meanëhile, TEG and QTU, as prestigious shopping centers, have positively influenced the economy and the lives of citizens, offering a ëide range of services and shopping opportunities. These projects are proof of Balfin Construction’s exceptional ability to successfully create diverse projects and commitment to quality and innovation.


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