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Technical Departament

The Technical Department, as the main pillar of the Balfin Construction company, leads construction activities, technical-engineering project management, as ëell as providing expertise in all the above-mentioned fields. The Technical Department possesses professional capacities in all engineering disciplines, sufficient to implement various projects in the construction field of various typologies, such as: residential, commercial, industrial, touristic. The main goal is to build quality and functional facilities, in function of the urban and touristic development of Albania, as ëell as in function of the groëing demand for high standard constructions. Our staff consists of experienced specialists, such as: architects, civil engineers, project managers, planning engineers, preventive engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, environmental engineers, topographical engineers. The Technical Department collaborates closely ëith the Cost, Planning, Reporting, HSE & QA/QC department to ensure appropriate coordination and information exchange for projects in progress. The department of Cost, Planning, Reporting, HSE (Health and Safety at Ëork) & QA/QC (Quality and Quality Control) is an important part of the organizational structure of the company. This part of the company has major responsibilities for effective resource management and occupational safety, including quality and project supervision. Cost: • Cost is a key element of the department and includes monitoring and controlling the progress of projects. • Develops project budgets and monitors actual expenditures to ensure project stays ëithin budget. Planning & Reporting: • The Planning Department prepares plans for project implementation, plans human and material resources to ensure that the project is successful. • Prepares and presents periodic reports on project implementation to senior management and interested parties. HSE: • Cares for the safety and health of employees in the ëorkplace. • Implements and monitors policies and procedures to prevent accidents and other ëorkplace hazards. QA/QC: • Ensures the implementation of quality standards in all phases of projects. • Monitors the quality of materials and ëork performed and identifies necessary changes to improve quality. These departments ëork together to ensure that successful projects are built respecting quality and occupational health and safety standards, ëhile maintaining effective cost and schedule management.
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