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Part of the BALFIN Group

The BALFIN Group, founded in Vienna in May 1993, is Albania’s largest retail and real estate development business. The central offices of the group are in Tirana, with representative offices in Vienna, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo. The BALFIN Group is a well-known and successful firm in the Albanian economic community. For additional information, go to

Wholesale and Retail Trade

The BALFIN Group is a pioneer in building minority-owned retail chains, allowing clients to access quality brands and items at the most inexpensive pricing. Our focus in wholesale and retail trade encompasses electronics, apparel, supermarkets, food and industrial products, children’s toys, and more. Noteworthy among these companies are Neptun International, Jumbo, Spar Albania, Fashion Group, and several others.



The BALFIN Group’s most ambitious ventures reside within the realm of tourism. With dedicated investments in elite and luxury tourism, the group focuses on two of Albania’s most exclusive areas: home to “Vala Mar Residences,” and the “Green Coast Resort & Residences” in Palasë, along with the Vlora coastline. Across all its endeavors, the BALFIN Group upholds international standards of quality, comfort, and security.


Mining Industry

Founded in 2013, AlbChrome leads the regional mining and metallurgy industry and ranks among Europe’s largest chromite resource management companies. Since 2018, the BALFIN Group has expanded its operations into Kosovo, acquiring the Ferro-Nickel Complex in Drenas. Through new investments and technological enhancements, the BALFIN Group revitalized this industry, ensuring increased production and job creation. NewCo Ferronikeli stands as Kosovo’s foremost exporter and one of Europe’s largest nickel producers..

Real Estate

Renowned for substantial investments in the construction sector, the BALFIN Group commenced its construction endeavors in the early 2000s. Initial efforts focused on high-quality residential and commercial spaces in Albania, accompanied by elite services. Building on this success, the group further expanded into constructing Retail and Industrial Spaces, as well as premium tourist projects not only in Albania but also in Macedonia, Austria, and beyond.



The BALFIN Group has diversified its investment portfolio to include agriculture, combining high-quality product offerings with local sourcing, international markets, and a highly positive social impact. This investment entails establishing protected environments for agricultural production, wholesale, and retail, both within and outside of Albania.

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