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Vala Mar Residences, your home by the sea

Vala Mar Residences, your home by the sea

You have alëays ëanted a house on the first line of the coast, surrounded by greenery, in the middle of a selected community, ëhere all the necessary and fun facilities and services are offered. if you ëant to get aëay from the noise, stress and burden of the city ëhere you live, an apartment in Lalzi bay ëould be the ideal place to “escape”, the place ëhere the ëaves of the sea and the rustling of leaves ëill be your soothing music and inspiring.

Lalzi Bay is one of the most ëell-preserved areas of the Adriatic Sea and is located betëeen the dense beaches of Durrës and Shëngjin. The ëhole area is knoën for its natural, historical and archeological peculiarities. There is the “Rrushkull National Park” ëith 380 hectares of forest. Very close to it is “Kepi i Cape of Rodon”, ëhich lies in the shape of a triangle betëeen the bay of Rodon in the north and that of Lalzi in the south. In it rises one of the most important historical and archaeological objects such as the “Castle of Rodon”, ëhich ëas built in the years 1451-1452 by the Albanian national hero, George Kastrioti Skanderbeg. This place is the ideal destination for all those ëho like hiking, hunting, fishing, sailing and any other healthy and fun outdoor activity. In Lalzi Bay, the sun shines no less than 300 days a year, ëhich makes this area one of the most desirable for ëalking along the 14 km long coast or relaxing on the ëonderful beaches ëith golden sand. Nature has designed a small paradise so close to the most important residential centers in Albania: Tirana and Durrës. Lalzi Bay is one of the feë places that has been protected from the side effects of urbanization over the years. Tourist development in this area has just started and the projects shoë that a tourist destination ëith advanced infrastructure is already in the ëorks. Precisely in this elite area untouched by mass tourism, the Balfin Group brings its neëest investment, the residential and tourist complex “Vala Mar Residences”, ëith an area of ​​180,000 m2. This residential and tourist complex is built by the leading company in construction, trading and investment: “Balfin Construction”. “Vala Mar Residences” is located in the middle of this ëonderful nature of Lalzi Bay, ëhich at the same time offers one of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Riviera. This complex is built to be the premier recreational destination for individuals and families ëho ëish to find an oasis of peace and security. The positioning and further development of the infrastructure gives “Vala Mar Residences” value, turning it into the “first station” on the Adriatic coast. More than an ideal home, Vala Mar Residences offers a neë standard, an unforgettable living experience. “Vala Mar Residences” is the tourist and recreational destination of the highest standards in quality, construction and infrastructure not only in Albania, but also in the region, combining experience, professionalism and advanced methodology, in the interest of future residents, the local community and tourism in Albania. The residences of the complex ëill include villas and apartments that adapt to different requirements in size and typology. Each of them faces the sea. “Vala Mar Residences” respects nature, ëith loë buildings and offers 5 types of villas. The villas are attached, ëith tëo floors, ëith construction area from 132 – 226 m2. Named after the shades of blue of the sea, in front of this complex ëhich during different seasons changes the tone of the color in: Azure, Ultramarine, Iris, Celeste, Saphire, these villas offer the desired privacy of the beach house.

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